Automatic Data Processing (ADP) has become one of the most widely recognized names in the world when it comes to third-party business services. Although they are best known for payroll processing, has branched out into many other fields related to human resources. ADP currently helps businesses of all sizes in a number of ways.

Self-Service Payroll and Labor Management Tools

ADP is helping businesses today by providing a range of self-service tools for payroll and labor management. These are mostly web-based tools accessed through or a similar portal. The tools allow businesses to track and process payroll without having to invest in a large in-house infrastructure. Tools like ADP EZLabor can be used by management and employees to track hours and run payroll across the Internet from any location. There are even ADP self-service tools that can be accessed through lightweight clients on mobile devices for maximum convenience.

Full Payroll Processing

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the full payroll processing offered by ADP. The company will actually handle every aspect of payroll from tracking time and calculating taxes to printing and delivering the checks to the business. Business owners do not have to maintain large payroll departments or complex networks of third-party vendors when going through This saves businesses time and money since operating costs are much lower using this service. ADP can even process payroll for complex businesses that have multiple types of employees in different states with different laws.

Administer Benefits

ADP can now assist businesses with benefits management and administration. ADP can help with everything from healthcare and vacation time tracking to management of retirement plans. Employees can go through ADP to get training about how different complex benefits really work. They can find current information about things like retirement contributions through the company. This service is a great help to businesses that have little to no experience dealing with complicated benefits packages. It also reduces the need for benefits managers and other dedicated staff in human resource departments.

Human Resource Management

ADP has moved into a position where the company can now offer many human resource management services. The company can help with finding, hiring and retaining talent for businesses in any industry. They can help to develop training programs. ADP specializes in ensuring that businesses remain compliant with local, state and federal labor laws. They update services like ADP EZLabor to match legislative changes. ADP can help businesses of any size to have a more efficient and cost-effective human resources department.