Android Tablets

Android TabletsIn the year 2013, there are quite a few different types of tablet computers to choose from, so how are you supposed to know why Android tablets are so popular? There are a number of features that truly set Android tablets apart from other tablet computers.

The Batteries Are Replaceable

Many consumers don’t like the fact that iPads don’t allow for battery removal. What happens if your iPad’s battery ceases to function? Put simply, you’re forced to take it to an Apple Retail Store or send it away to get the battery replaced.

Since an iPad battery cannot be removed from the device, without taking it apart and voiding the warranty, the tablet becomes almost useless if the battery stops working. Android tablets use batteries that are replaceable, which makes it very easy to replace faulty batteries.

Don’t Worry About Syncing

Another reason why consumers prefer an Android tablet is because it doesn’t require syncing. An iPad requires users to sync the device with iTunes.

Even with the WiFi synchronization feature, syncing can be a slow, painful process. It’s basically the company’s way to keep their customers using iTunes, but it doesn’t work very well for iPad owners.

Consumers who own Android tablets don’t have to sync apps. They can purchase apps from the Android market and use a computer to quickly and effectively send the apps to an Android tablet.

Limitless Multitasking

These days, multitasking is all the rage. People are always trying to surf the Internet while listening to music. One of the biggest problems with the iPad is the fact that it’s not ideal for multitasking.

Since the iPad does have a decent processor, it can do most of the activities that people want it to do, but for limitless multitasking, an Android tablet is better. Modern Android tablets have a dual-core processor, which means they’re capable of multithreading.

In almost any situation, two processors are better than one. With two processors, the Android tablet can offer faster, efficient multitasking. Trying to multitask with a single processor is not very efficient. Also, Android tablets have a user interface that is perfect for multitasking because it makes clicking through several applications quick and easy.

Some of the best Android tablets under 200, like the Acer Iconia A1-810 and Hisense Sero 7 Pro, are from Samsung and Asus. To purchase a cheap Android tablet, all consumers need to do is find a good sale. These are some of the features that make Android tablets worth buying.