Cloud Computing

With the number of portable electronic devices out there today and their numbers ever increasing, cloud computing services offer a way to reach large audiences as well as connect different system platforms. Clouds can be used for a number of applications both personal and commercial. Personal cloud computing not only allows a user to save data and run applications from a secure cloud, but it means storage doesn’t limit where and when the desired content can be accessed. Cloud storage of files and programs means that your hard drive won’t be cluttered with movies and music, which means you can enjoy them on the go.

Cloud computing companies essentially provide clients with storage space that they rent on one of their servers. This is not unlike what companies do in terms of websites. For a fee, clients rent space on a server to host their web pages and thus establishing their presence on the World Wide Web. The difference between the two services is the proliferation of wireless devices that can access the Internet from virtually anywhere compared to a single protocol everyone uses to read web pages.

Dedicated cloud server hosting is effectively renting a server from a provider. For the average person, this might be more space than they could ever use. As a cloud computing solution for businesses, this is ideal. Imagine having much of the company running on a cloud so that any files needed to streamline the services you provide your customers are available from anywhere. Whether that is at an offsite presentation or an impromptu meeting, your information is there. Cloud computing for businesses makes sense when you realize that the use of a cloud means less time spent transferring files from portable devices.

Cloud computing and security are likely to be of concern to potential users. Regardless of personal or business use, a cloud can be made secure. Like an intranet, private cloud computing can be accessible only to people on the company’s network. A hybrid public/private cloud provides some functionality for the public while protecting your most sensitive documents and applications.

If you were wondering what cloud computing can do for you, the answer is effectively the same as if you were buying a new computer: anything you want for personal, professional, or public access.