Direct TV

Direct TVDirect TV is a satellite television service provider that serves a large portion of the country. The company provides cable programming over the airwaves through a network of satellites. Customers of the service install a small dish on the side of the home that points up at the satellites in orbit. The signal is broadcast down without the need for any wires connected to a central location on the ground. This allows people who are in rural areas or who are far from fiber optic lines to receive cable programming.

The primary service Direct TV provides is cable programming. Modern satellites can deliver over 200 different stations into the home. The service also provides digital video recording (DVR) boxes that can function in multiple rooms of a house. Different packages of channels cost different amounts. Complete packages that include every station can become very expensive. Customers have the potential to combine satellite television with other services such as satellite Internet and phone service in packages called bundles. Bundles can be very helpful for households that require all three services.

Direct TV provides customers with a number of ways to manage accounts and deal with service issues. Individuals who are wondering how to access my account at DirecTV need an Internet connection. The Direct TV account login allows visitors to pay bills, change services and check on the status of the account through a web-based interface at Customers who do not have Internet access can use a direct phone number to connect to customer service or account specialists who can resolve many problems. also includes a support forum where customers can search for answers to non-critical problems. Households in certain areas that have service bundles might not be able to find help exclusively through Direct TV. It might be necessary to contact the phone or Internet provider directly for support.

There are a few drawbacks with Direct TV. The first is that there are certain atmospheric conditions that could actually block the signal or degrade the picture quality. This frequently occurs during heavy thunderstorms although other factors could affect the signal. Another issue is that households must lease or pay a large upfront charge for the satellite dish in some areas. One final issue for households in active over-the-air television markets is that Direct TV service often does not carry the full range of local digital television channels. This limits access to local stations that are not affiliated with larger broadcasters or that have multiple digital substations.