NetflixIf you have a cable or DSL Internet connection, Netflix makes it easy to stream movies and TV shows directly to a computer, game console, cell phone, tablet computers and TVs that support the program app.

There are thousands of movies from all genres available for instant viewing at First-time customers can sign up for a free trial subscription. New customers that just signed up online can immediately go to the Netflix home page to login to their account and start renting DVDs or watch streaming content. The Netflix login is located at the top right side of the site’s main page.

Use the Netflix sign in credentials (the email address and password) to connect up to five app-ready devices to the account. This permits different Netflix movies to be watched on any of the five devices connected to the account. One person can be watching a show on a tablet computer while others are watching a different movie or show over an app-ready TV set or through a game console such as the Wii that supports the service.

The “my queue” feature is great for subscribers that have also opted in to be able to receive a DVD rental by mail. Building a queue permits the next movie in the lineup to be automatically sent when the most recently viewed one is returned to Netflix. Contractually, not all movies and shows are permitted for streaming. This is why the DVD rental service is still very popular. With distribution centers strategically spread out across the United States, getting a DVD through the mail typically takes only one day for most customers.

The only drawback to the service is the limited amount of production companies that have agreed to let their movies and shows be rented through streaming or by DVD. The company had lost its agreement with Starz and therefore lost a lot of popular programming. However, the service is now producing its own entertainment content that is catching on with fans everywhere such as the new show “Arrested Development.”

Netflix is a very low cost option for an individual or a family to have access to a huge catalog of instantly viewable entertainment content from action movies, thrillers and romances to documentaries, comedies and religious programs. Prior seasons of hit TV shows are also available in their entirety. It is a great value with more content being regular acquired and added.