UltrabooksPart of the latest generation of high end laptops, Ultrabooks have distinct features that set new standards for mobile computer use. Users of these notebook computers can appreciate the new technology and standard developed by Intel, one of the biggest names in the microprocessor industry.

Before shopping for the right Ultrabooks, it is important to understand some of the unique fundamental features of these advanced laptops. First of all, these devices boast slim profiles that are usually less than one inch in thickness. Additionally, the most common screen sizes for Ultrabooks are 13.3 and 14 inches when measured diagonally. The Huron River, Chief River and Shark Bay are three distinct platform generations of Ultrabooks that have been released to date. Each generation has specific features when it comes to the software and hardware specifications.

Ultrabooks are designed to be sleek and lightweight, and therefore heavy components such as optical drives are not built inside these devices. Ethernet ports are also not included in these high end laptop computers. However, users can still expect the traditional USB ports for convenient connections to different peripherals and cool gadgets. Additionally, these compact notebooks use energy efficient batteries that offer continuous power for about 6 hours, which is less than some other high quality full size laptops. Last but not least, Ultrabooks are powered by the latest Intel microprocessors that use minimum energy and offer quick processing and start ups.

Consumers should keep in mind that Ultrabooks are produced by several major electronic and computer brands. For example, Asus and Lenovo offer a series of these high quality laptop computers. Additionally, an HP Ultrabook is also considered one of the best in the category of notebook laptops.

The best time of the year to shop for these great computer devices is on Black Friday, which refers to one of the biggest sales in stores nationwide. A cheap Ultrabook most likely comes loaded with early platform features such as the Huron River version. The best chance to find an Ultrabooks for under 300 dollars is to browse the shelves of local electronic and department stores on Black Friday. Otherwise, these laptop computers are on the high end of the price spectrum. However, other holiday deals such as during Christmas time may also include huge discounts on Ultrabooks. The discounts on these devices apply to local stores and online shops during busy holiday shopping seasons.