Virtual and Private Servers

Virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and virtual hosting are all useful tools used by the business community and individuals looking to maintain a web presence. When looking for services, it can be a little confusing to people who have never had to maintain web space before. Some hosting companies explain their services in terms that almost require a degree in computer science to understand the options they offer. The differences between the options should be explained in understandable terms for customers.

What are dedicated servers?
A dedicated server is a computer that sits in a rack and is accompanied by other computers of its kind. All of these computers are housed in a data center and their purpose is to run websites, applications, store files, and otherwise ensure that when you connect to the Internet. When people purchase dedicated servers or rent them, they cost a little more than virtual options because they are the sole user of a single computer and connection.

What is a virtual server?
A virtual server is run on a dedicated server along with other virtual private servers. How this works is that a single dedicated server is set up to mimic multiple computers all on one machine. All of the virtual servers set up on a dedicated server are given their own processing and memory allocations, dedicated portions of the Internet connection and their own hard drive space.

Virtual private server hosting is an ideal solution for serving personal blogs and small business sites that don’t have a lot of traffic at first. It costs less and many providers assist with migration when a time comes that a dedicated server is needed to handle increased traffic, cloud options, or commerce applications.

What about virtual hosting?
Virtual hosting is the practice of letting a single dedicated server or virtual server host several websites on a single machine. Purchasing this kind of web hosting is perfect for people who simply want to focus on their websites without having to do anything else.

Which are the best private servers?
The best private servers give users the same freedom that a dedicated server does in choosing which programs are run, which web and mail servers are run, and control over application installation. The top private servers provide all of those things with great pricing and reliability.